Live Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular sports for in-play betting. The scoring changes quickly and there are regular breaks in tennis give online bookmakers the chance to create new odds and markets regularly.

The score of a tennis match will change with every serve, new game and new set. This makes it an interesting live market to bet on. If you’re a tennis fan then live betting can add to the entertainment of the game. Often matches can be one-sided, especially in the early stages of some tournaments. You can place a wager on specific events in each match to keep you interested. You can place bets on ace totals, exact game scores and exact set scores.

Most bookmakers have implemented a minimum wager amount on live tennis betting meaning you will have to place at least £1 or £2 on each live bet.

Live Tennis Markets

Each bookmakers will offer their own markets on live tennis. For the most part, all of the below in-play bets will be available.

Match Winner

This is betting on the winner of the match. The price usually changes after every point. As one player moves into the lead their odds will shorten. Remember, men’s games are a best of five-sets affair while women’s tournaments are usually played in a best of three-sets system.

If one player is down 2-0 in a best of five match it’s probably best to avoid betting on them for the rest of the match. A common betting strategy in live tennis is betting against the winner of the first set. Often the winner of the first set can be determined by who has the serve in the deciding game. In a one set situation this gives the player an advantage over his opponent. It does not necessarily mean that they will win the match. Their opponents odds will increase and it’s a good opportunity for you to place your bet at a good value.

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Game Score

Most bookmakers will offer a price on the correct game score in each match. The best strategy here is to wait until the end of the first set to see who is holding their serve best. If one player is struggling against the serve then it might be a good idea to bet on the player serving to win the game to win to love. If a player is consistently winning two or three points against the serve then you might consider betting on the serving player winning at deuce or to 30.

Set Score

This is another popular bet on live tennis markets. The terms of the bet will be similar to the game score bets. Again you should consider who is serving first and who is most likely to break serve in the match before placing your bet. You can also usually bet on sets going to a tiebreak.

Race to Games

Another common bet is a the race to 2, 3, 4 or 5 game in a set. This market is offered on every set of the match. Once again it's probably best to watch the first set for research purposes before placing your bets for the rest of the match.

The player serving first has a big role to play in these games. They will have a natural advantage to reach these games first. This can sometimes play to your advantage too. If the underdog is serving first, his opponent should naturally have bigger odds. This mismatch can be misleading. Some of the better players can break serve with ease. If you can identify a mismatched market you have a chance to make a good profit.

Point Betting

For the bettor who loves constant action. This market is usually low value but relatively easy to pick winners if you know your tennis. Make sure you know your stats when you're betting on these markets. There are a couple of things you should look out for. Who has the most aces will be important to your bet. You should also know how a player's serve compares on both sides of the court (deuce and ad). Their point win-rate on either side when serving will be a major indicator of their chances of winning each point.

Live Tennis Betting Tips

Live Tennis betting is not for casual punters. To be a successful live tennis bettor you need to do your research and only place bets on markets you think are profitable.

There are some simple things that you can take into account too:

  • Make sure you can watch the match. If you're a tennis fan then you'll know that momentum has a huge part to play in the match. You don't get a sense of the play in each point by tracking the live scores.
  • Start small and don't chase your losses. In some mismatched games the odds will offer little to no value. Think before you place a £25 bet that returns £1.
  • Read some previews of the match/tournament you're betting on. JWBetting provides betting previews on all major tennis tournaments.
  • Use social media to keep track of player performance. You might find news on a player's injuries or illnesses from a journalist on Twitter. The players might post videos of their warm-up routines and training sessions which will give you an idea of how they have prepared for the match.